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For RoyalStar Assurance, premier insurance provider throughout The Bahamas, Cayman and Turks & Caicos, the primary objective was to build local brand awareness and visibility. Their initial advertising campaign achieved this goal. RSA then wanted to demonstrate its commitment to ‘insuring a better Bahamas’. A groundbreaking CLICK FOR A CAUSE campaign was conceptualised and launched to bring national awareness to worthy charitable causes. This annual interactive campaign engaged the public and benefited a number of non-profit organisations.

An Environmental Awareness campaign was also developed to encourage recycling in schools and promote the use of energy efficient bulbs and canvas grocery bags in Nassau and Grand Bahama. Their SHINING STAR program, another branded initiative, promoted academic excellence at local primary schools.

While coordinating these various activities, brand visibility was a key component. From their License Disc holders, vehicle wraps and company shirts, to the 'go green' decals for school playground trash cans and canvas grocery bags, their eye-catching lime green graphic elements were designed to stand out.

Press coverage and photography are often required for RSA events, to highlight charitable activities, product launches and in the case of their move to RoyalStar House on JFK drive, coordination of decor, catering and entertainment were also skilfully orchestrated. Press releases are published to highlight such events.

RSA continues to utilise our full range of marketing and event coordination services.

"The team at Adworks are a dynamic group with a depth of skills to meet all aspects of our company's marketing needs. I'm able to give them a concept and they can run with it. That's important for me, I'm one of those people that get frustrated with too many details. I'm very focused on my vision and I've even been called difficult and the Adworks team are willing to invest the time to bring our company's vision to reality, while maintaining a positive attitude!!! They're my go to ladies."

Sherease Mills M.S., Cert CII
Accounts Administrator
RoyalStar Assurance Ltd.

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